June 13, 2017

Why Fidget Spinners Are So Hot (and Where to Buy Them)

Credit: Peralng


“Fidget spinners and other fidget toys are huge right now, said Adrienne Appell, director of strategic communications for the Toy Association.

“They are part of the collectible trend we named at this year’s Toy Fair in February.”

But what the heck are fidget spinners, how do they work, and where can you get them? And should you let your kids use them?
What are fidget spinners, and why are they so popular?
Simply put, fidget spinners are the latest craze that might actually benefit you and your child.
The spinners are simple (and cheap) gadgets that spin in your hand. They come with an inline skate and ball bearings, and can spin for 2 minutes or more while you’re working, hanging out with friends or trying to relax.

“Kids and adults love them because they allow for quick play and are inexpensive, portable and fun,” said Appell.
Fidget spinners have become so popular that many factories in China that usually focus on smartphone cases and accessories have switched over to fidget spinners full time, according to a report in Motherboard.
In addition, a quick check on Amazon reveals that 17 out of the top 20 top-selling products on Amazon under Toys & Games is a fidget spinner.